New York, USA

Cosme was the 2nd restaurant on the quest. It was ranked 40th in 2017 and jumped to 25th in 2018.

Jonathan's Review

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Cosme was the first restaurant we went to after Jonathan and Andy committed to this crazy ride.

Hooboy, commit Jonathan has!

We went down to New York City for this food adventure, foreshadowing how our food adventures might be for the next few trips. In particular, book a reservation at the hardest restaurant in a locale to make a reservation, and see what other reservations we can make in the day surrounding that first one, then book the trip. I had made the Eleven Madison Park reservation bleary-eyed at six in the morning on June first from Portland, just to make sure we could go, and Jonathan made all the rest of the reservations around that one.

First up in New York City was Cosme, with it “fresh Mexican cuisine from one of the hottest young chefs in the US”, Daniela Soto-Innes.

Cosme didn't have a tasting menu, and we were unsure how many of the small plates to order, so we fumbled around with the ordering for a bit, too much, too little, we don't know. Eventually, we'll find out what "too much" really is with a meal, but not with this one.

This meal we had two mains and two sides, and all the food was wonderful. I think I preferred Jonathan's mole with flat iron steak to my dish, so order that if you go. I liked it so much I recommended it to the woman next to me who was waiting for her blind date to return from the restroom.

Delightfully, we could have a conversation without yelling at each other, a refreshing change from most places in big cities.

I'd likely break the "Don't eat at the same place twice in New York City" rule for this place.