Copenhagen, Denmark

Geranium is the 6th restaurant on Jonathan's quest to go to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. It’s 19th place for both 2017 and 2018 and is a Michelin 3-starred restaurant in Copenhagen.

Jonathan's Review

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So, this adventure has a special place in my heart.

Jonathan knows that Thanksgiving is my most important family holiday of the year, more than even Christmas or Easter. This year, he gave me the gift of flying Mom and Eric over to Copenhagen for the week, and made reservations for them to go to this restaurant with us. Having more than the two of us at a restaurant changes the dynamic of the experience, never badly, but always differently. I was also unsure how Mom and Eric would enjoy the experience, Geranium being their first Michelin 3-star restaurant. I started this evening overwhelmingly grateful to Jonathan for this opportunity, and the gratitude only increased. Jonathan seemed cautious and very aware of the three of us. I am unsure if having the four of us, instead of the two of us, changed his experience negatively.

We walked over to the restaurant from our lodging, being somewhat confused about the location. Turns out, the restaurant is on the eighth floor of the stadium the Danish national soccer club plays, along the back corner.

"Are we in the right place?"

"Is this it?"

Yep, and yep.

We had a great table, nearly in the middle of the whole dining area. Jonathan had a great view of the kitchen, and I had a distractingly amusing view out the window at a soccer pitch that I longed to play ultimate on. So, pretty much perfect for both of us.

We had the tasting menu (of course!), with the three of them all having wine pairings. Geranium is a bit different in its wine pairings, in that a glass goes for two courses, and they don't skimp if you're drinking. If you don't drink much, you have a glass of wine. If you drink that glass, you get another. Keep drinking, they keep filling.

Both Mom and Jonathan (who didn't recognize what was happening until the third or fourth course, and corrected once he did realize) were in a very happy place very quickly.

I loved that Geranium checked in with my mom's dietary contraints. She eats fish, but not bird. Our waiter asked if duck was on her restrictions list (hey, it spends a lot of time in water!), and ordered her a different dish for that course. So wonderful!

I enjoyed every course. There's usually one that I don't like (cough foie gras), but not tonight. I liked every one.

Towards the end of the meal, I started stealing Mom's wine. Oh, boy, they paired those wines very well. We toured their wine cellar, afterward, and delightfully, their kitchen, too. Their kitchen has a window overlooking the stadium, and HOW COOL IS THAT? (Answer: way cool.)

Thank you, Jonathan, for giving me such a wonderful Thanksgiving experience. You are amazing.