Le Bernardin

New York, USA

Le Bernardin was the 4th restaurant on the quest. It was ranked 17th in 2017 and 26th in 2018. Le Bernardin is also a Michelin 3-star restaurant.

Jonathan's Review

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There is always a danger in overdoing good things, and that includes food.

Le Bernardin was the fourth of our amazing New York City restaurant adventure, which means it'll have some stiff competition in recent memory and need to bring its A game if it wants to stand out.

Unfortunately, it stood out in a not great way.

We were in New York in the middle of summer. It was hot and muggy and we took the subway. As I was changing from walking shoes to heels before going into the restaurant, the skies opened up into big, heavy raindrops. Which is to say, we arrived hot and sweaty. So when the first sentence we heard in the restaurant after "Welcome!" was something to the affect of, "We have a jacket policy, sir," well, the mood was set and it wasn't a favorable one.

We had the tasting menu, which means no decisions needed for the meal. That was great. The dishes were good, and I enjoyed them. The service was good, but slow in many places, and nearly stopped at the end: we had to wait for the bill, which seems just wrong.

Jonathan had the wine pairing and said they worked well, so yay for that. I didn't have the wine pairing, again, too much alcohol, so have no opinion on their matchings.

When a restaurant values dress code over customer comfort, well, the enjoyment diminishes greatly. I wouldn't go back to La Bernardin, with enough other New York City restaurants I haven't tried yet, but I wouldn't tell anyone not to go.